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It's actually Darcie's turn to write, but we have both neglected this blog lately.  I think the main reason is that we've been so busy house-hunting here in Utah.  It's been a fun, but tiring experience.  Darcie and I went out with our realtor 4 different days, and saw close to 30 homes.  Many of those homes are just a blur to us now.

Then, last week, David came out and as a family (with the realtor) we visited 5 potential homes and narrowed it down to 2 favorites and now we are negotiating the price of our top pick. With a bit of luck, we'll soon own that home.  We look forward to the day our furniture will be taken from storage and brought to that home. It has been over 5 months since we sold our house in Canada and put most of what we own into storage. That is the longest we have lived without our furniture and belongings.

Meanwhile, Zach has submitted his mission papers and we eagerly await his mission call. Where will the Lord send him? Europe? Latin America? …