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Should Schools Teach Sex Ed?

In a perfect world, all parents would take responsibility for teaching such an important subject to their children instead of leaving it up to the government.  I personally do not group history, math and science with sex education.  This is one subject that I want to teach my children myself because it is tied in with our family values and religious beliefs, and falls under my parental responsibilities of teaching my children right from wrong.  Since I am going to teach my children how and why to be morally clean, than I have no use for the world, in the form of public school, to teach my children conflicting views.
At Zach and Darcie's high school, condoms were freely handed out to promote "safe sex", birth control options were thoroughly covered, consequences such as Aids and pregnancy were discussed, but abstinence was not even taught. The overall message was "sex is not bad, in fact it is a rite of teenage passage so just do it responsibly".

I teach…

Moving... Finally!

It's taken us a while, but we are actually leaving good ol' Canada! I am welcoming the change in my life. It's been great being here in Canada, and I love my friends, but I feel the need to move on and its finally happening. One of my friends who I am close to is also moving and I am really happy because then I wont miss her as much since we are both going. And we really have been here for a while, so it will be nice to leave and see other parts of the world, even if it's just Utah!