The Perfect School Day

Easy-going, no need to rush, stay-cozy-in our pajamas, linger over breakfast together-mornings.

No backpacks, no cold lunches, no need to bundle up, no bus to catch.

One child at the table, one child on her bed, both with their net- books open, watching and listening to their distance-teachers, taking notes, snacks on hand.

One child curled up beside me on the couch, library book in hand, reading me fascinating facts about his latest curiosity- Venus Flytraps.

No loud bells, no lining-up, no hall-passes, no hurry-up-and-get-to-class-or-you'll-be-tardy.

Leisurely lunches together, laughing and talking while we eat. We can have peanut-butter!

Free to go outside and play anytime we like.  Let's visit a park or museum or take a nature hike, together.

Free to stay inside if we'd prefer, warm and snug.  There's plenty to do, alone or together:
Read a classic book.
Set up a science experiment.
Work on a lapbook.
Cultivate a talent.
Play a game.
Create a work of art.

No afternoon slumps, no homework battles, no wondering how their day was because I shared their day and they shared mine.

The perfect school day and it took place at home.

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