Hello Twenty Twelve!

It's twenty twelve. Can you believe it? Each year seems to go by so fast! People tell me its because I am growing up. why is change and growing up always the cause? I know it is really quite simple, but sometimes I think I am just figuring that out.
I am so excited for the year! My baby sister (aka my only sister) is turning 14 in January. Old enough to go to dances! Marcus (aka Midget) is now nine and just as questioning and adventurous as ever! Me? I am doing well (in my studies and at home) and am starting to look at colleges and universities. I'm not driving (yet) which is good for both me and the road (not gonna lie, I am a bit scared of this!) and am working on three different novels at once. And none of them seem to be going anywhere soon.

Goodbye Twenty Eleven!
Hello Twenty Twelve!

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