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The Beginning

Its always hard to start off, and its no different when homeschooling! Mom has been so busy with her Seminary calling and getting lessons ready for Marcus. Books are still coming in for us, we have not gotten our math books yet, so we only do science, English, and history so far. I am in 11th grade, and am the 2nd oldest of 4 children. Zach, my older brother, is in his first year of school and loving it so far. He is at BYU Provo! (=
My younger siblings (Marissa, 13 and Marcus, 8) are both experts when it comes to being homeschooled. This is their 2nd and 3rd years and they love it.
Me? I am 16, and this is my first go at homeschooling, but I jumped at the chance as soon as I could after previous years of high school.
There are as I mentioned some glitches, but soon, everything will be off the ground!